ficus nerifolia

  1. Insect

    Ficus nerifolia propagated in a large outdoor pot

    So this tree was a little clipping on February 2021, now it is shaped nice. I had it in a 3 gallon pot, outdoors since May, topsoil. The roots were mostly fine and radial, did a 10% root reduction and 10% off the top. Goal: To reduce the height by 2" and get new branches where the lower...
  2. swatchpost

    Jim Smith Willow Leaf Ficus - What to do?

    Hello All—this is my first post here, although I've been a bonsai enthusiast for a while and once belonged to the Austin Bonsai Society. I've got a great Jim Smith grown formal upright willow leaf ficus that was the first tree I ever bought in 2006. While Life took its share of beautiful...
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    Shohin Mexicana Ficus in training.
  4. 20190505_182257.jpg


    Shohin Mexicana Ficus in training. ( pretty sad wiring )
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