ficus retusa

  1. J

    Reverse taper ficus retusa

    Hi there! This was my first tree, so sentimental value. I know it's not the prettiest ficus and it's maybe like 3-4 years old but it means a lot to me. I have a feeling i'm going to run into trouble with it over the next 2-3 years with inverse taper, specifically where those two larger branches...
  2. Apex37

    Advice on Styling S Shaped Ficus

    I've had this ficus for about 3 years now. It's been in the pot it's in for 2 and very pot bound and needing a repot. I was thinking of doing something drastic and doing a trunk chop to the first main branch. It's been growing so a-typically that I'd like to get back budding lower. Any...
  3. Brad in GR

    Ficus Retusa - Surgery + Aftercare Guidance

    After 2 years of learning (only 40+ to go!), I wanted to go back to my first tree and begin some legitimate shaping. Ficus Retusa, given to me by my parents 5 years ago (before I truly dove in). Costco purchased - and typical 'nursery stock' problems. As I said, I wasn't yet truly interested...
  4. KP45

    Ficus- Any advice for a beginner?

    Hi, so I've owned this tree for about five years now, and I think it's about ten years old (said it was a 5 year old bonsai on the tag when purchased). At first it was just a nice little addition for the kitchen windowsill- but I've grown attached to it and would like to be able to shape it and...
  5. C

    Advice for new bonsai

    Hi all - I'm very new to bonsai (bought my first Tiger Bark Ficus only a few days ago) and have some general questions about it. Any advice on how much pruning should be done now heading into the winter or would I be better off waiting until late March? I'd also like to defoliate and attempt to...
  6. E

    Ficus Tiger Bark Styling

    Hi everyone, I am new, first post here! So, my experience with "bonsai" started a couple years ago with a classic mallsai "ginseng ficus" that ended up thriving really well in my apartment, with all right precautions (and no extra light in winter months, were they get quite quiescent). I indeed...
  7. iHasaki

    Ficus duo, anyway semi cascade

    Hey there! A few years ago i bought this ficus. I think the base/trunk is a different variety than the foliage(Ficus Ginseng and Microcarpa. Supposedly to make it more attractive I guess. Now since short a branch with different leafs popped out of the Ginseng trunk. So perhaps it will grow two...
  8. MountainExplorer

    30 year old Bayan ficus.

    He'll all new to the group but I picked this 30 year old tiger bark ficus up for $70 bucks off a local guy that got hurt at work and desperately needed money that being said the tree was root bound to holy hell so I gave it a light prune and repotted it. I want to chop megee the top this coming...
  9. aframe

    Ficus Microcarpa aka Tiger Bark Ficus

    aka Ficus Retusa, aka... I purchased in 2014, but this is the earliest picture I have on 3/21/2015. This picture was taken about 3 weeks after defoliating. You can see all the wire marks from the previous owner, not a big deal; they should heal as the tree is grown out.
  10. Ficus #2

    Ficus #2

    1/15/2017 Bridge grafted using one of 2 sacrifice branches. Solid growth has smoothed out old wire marks.
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