field growing

  1. Carapace

    Should I do this when field growing?

    Hi, I wanna start field growing some trees and I've had this idea of planting the trees in a shallow plastic crate (like the one attached) with holes all over, so that it will be easier for me to dig them up and cut theirs roots every few years. I've been wondering if this is a good idea or not.
  2. MagicMike

    Field growing Japanese black pine

    I have quite a few Japanese black pine growing in the ground in grow bags. I haven't heard anyone discuss the nuances of what to cut, when to cut, or how to cut to encourage the fastest base thickening and keep lower growth healthy. I have heard to not trim or cut back to encourage rapid...
  3. BarkLeafTrees

    Late Summer UK Field Collecting

    Hi guys! I’ve been field growing some trees for nearly 3 years and most have put on a nice amount of growth. HOWEVER I’m having to relocate all of the trees ideally I’d like to dig whatever trees I can now and leave the rest until spring. Is there any tips on how to collect as it do I remove...
  4. Dryad

    Ground Growing... from a distance?

    Hey all, I've just recently found out my mother has inherited a small field down the country by my grandmother's house (2 hour drive away). We are both very keen on planting trees in the field to create a small native woodland, so that should be a fun project to keep us busy. Additionally, I've...
  5. Rivian

    Field growing practice

    Hello, I recently aquired some land and now Im planning field growing on it. I want to know from people who have field grown what were things you didnt expect to see, or what went wrong. Especially if your field is not next to your house or a residential area, how do you keep people out, and...
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