field maple

  1. Clorgan

    New Field Maple with girthhhh

    Went to buy wire, got pulled in by this chunky trunk. A few cut marks on one side (this will most likely be the back!) It's my first maple, been wanting to try one, thought this would be a good start! Looks healthy and yeah, I'm a fan of the trunk. It's not perfect, but I think it's workable...
  2. Antrox

    Field maple leaves

    Hello everyone, I am training a couple of field maples that I got from a nursery stock last year. I think they are 2-3yos. This is their first spring with me and I noticed that the leaves are quite sturdy for one sapling whdress saggy/flabby in the others Do you have experience in this species...
  3. peterbone

    2 year progression of a Field Maple

    This is a tree that I collected locally (south east England) last year. Here's how it looks now. Prior to collection I had chopped it and left it where it was for a year. Here it is in the ground after chopping. In March 2017 I collected it. It had some nice fine roots close to the trunk...
  4. jeremy_norbury

    Tiny one gets repotted

    Probably my smallest real tree - it's a Field maple/Acer campestre - grown from a collected seedling. Going from a massive 4inch pot to a correctly proportioned 2incher from Walsall Ceramics. 03194695 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr 03194697 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr 03194703 by Jerry...
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