1. B

    action plan for a fir

    Hi to all, After taking care of my Chinese elm for three years I have decided to take bonsai more seriously. For my most resent learning project I bought a Abies koreana at a garden center in Germany. Right now it looks like a little Christmas tree. For the direction I want to go it has to be...
  2. Carapace

    I will be trying Sub-Alpine fir var. arizonica as bonsai. Any tips?

    Hi, I am getting a couple of sub-alpine fir's, tiny guys really, just 30-ish centimeters. I am planning on repotting them into nice bonsai soil next spring and I was wondering if you guys know any care tips on them? It gets pretty hot on my south facing balcony in summer but I do have a north...
  3. Carapace

    Is fraser fir any good?

    I ordered a tiny fraser fir, it's like 20 cm tall and really skinny and I was searching the internet for some fraser fir bonsai to see how they would look, to my surprise, I haven't found any. Fraser has tiny needles, nice bark, why aren't there bonsai of it.
  4. Kievnstavick

    Abies koreana "Ice Breaker"

    Welcome wanderers to my exploration of a witch's broom from a Korean Fir. As far as I could tell, I did not see a graft unless the witch's broom has consumed the original graft. I acquired this tree from a local nursery. Within the first year, I cleaned the tree up a bit. Removing some unwanted...
  5. S

    Repotting a mature Korean Fir [advice wanted]

    I have several seasons of experience with bonsai now, but 18 months or so ago came into possession of a fairly scruffy ~50 year old Abies koreana. I did some pruning last year, mostly of dying material and to start bringing in the out-of-control apex (see pre-work pic). I have also been careful...
  6. L

    Lorax7 Concolor Fir #1 progression

    Picked up this concolor fir as nursery stock a couple years ago. Chopped off the top once. Will do another trunk chop at some point to get down lower so I can eventually start building some taper in the trunk line. Been taking it slow because I’m not familiar with the species yet. Here it is in...
  7. LunaticTree

    Identification and Futureprogress

    Hello there, our local Gardencenter tried to get rid of this beautiful Tree, it is very small and compressed in growth. I might be a gardener but not a Master, I know it has to be some sort of Abies balsamea, maybe even a dwarf version. The Tree has a vry nice Shape and Apex growth, I think it...
  8. Cerauno

    Alpine species: Indoor or Outdoor?

    I live in Montana, USA, in the Northern Rocky Mountains. I've been attempting to grow three seedlings which I took out of the "wild" (if you can call around my neighborhood wild), all of which are native subalpine/alpine trees. I have two Rocky Mountain Maple babies, and a tiny Douglas fir. I...
  9. Photo of some trees on one of my benches

    Photo of some trees on one of my benches

    Some of my trees picture taken 2 months ago lots of growth since
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