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  1. F

    How To Properly care for a Japanese Maple Bonsai in the winter?

    Hello this is my first post and my first Bonsai. I was gifted this "Kryptonite Japanese Maple" as a secret Santa gift. I have always wanted a Bonsai but never learned how to care for them so I never bought one. I have bought 2 books on bonsai care and I have been watching videos and reading...
  2. stu929

    Blue spruce victim, experiment number 1

    I was recently lucky enough to take my first bonsai class with a local pro Sean Smith and had a great time completing what I would call my first styled bosai . He provided to the class a wonderful assortment of Procumbens Nana for us to choose from and honestly there wasn’t a bad one in the...
  3. Y

    First Bonsai.

    Hello all! Brand new to the forum and this is my first post. Also brand new to bonsai. Got my first juniper the other week at the mall. ( yes I know that’s a terrible place to get one). When I brought it home it was in a very tiny ceramic pot with very thick organic soil. The first thing I did...
  4. Sassafras

    My first Bonsai! Schefflera Aboricola

    Hi all! I was able to go to New England Bonsai over the weekend and found my first tree :D In my excitement I forgot to take a before pictures, but there are 2 branches and a fair amount of leaves missing now! It's a Schefflera Aboricola (dwarf I assume, due to the small leaves) I know it's...
  5. T

    My first tree (maple)

    Hey im posting in hopes of some tips or future recommendations for my first tree. Its a maple. Ive done lots of research so im not clueless but any info will help! Thanks in advance.
  6. E

    First Bonsai: Ficus with a Funky Trunk

    I was browsing a local plant store the other day when I saw this little guy in the back of the bonsai section. I fell in love with his funky style instantly and I knew I had to get him. The employee working there told me that this is a ficus bonsai, but I'm not sure specifically what kind. Is it...
  7. H

    My first Bonsai-Help Needed

    So I am new to this forum and new to the art of bonsai. Needless to say I instantly fell in love. I would love some feedback on my first bonsai. I have had it for about a month now, when i first got it i was all excited to wire, shape, etc but i think i went to far. Please don't hold back, I...
  8. B

    [9 weeks in] Growing my first plant, help appreciated!

    Hey fellow Bonsainutters, I started my first plant-growing venture after sowing Bonsai seeds from a Grow It starter pack ( As per instructions I've sowed the seeds in coir pots added a coconut compost disc and sealed it in a polythene bag, placing it out of direct...
  9. A

    Only gravel, no soil (?)

    Hi everyone, I'm a first-time bonsai owner - trying very hard to keep my first one! I received a Juniper (Juniper procumbens nana) a few days ago. To my surprise, and contrary to most of what I have read, it came potted with only gravel - no soil whatsoever. I contacted the shop who my friend...
  10. D

    first old gold juniper from nursery stock

    My first styling of a juniper I am hoping to make it into an informal upright. I did Shari on front of trunk and jin on the branch above. There was another branch below the branch I did the jin on and tied them together. I don't know if I should have waited to do the jin and Shari. if anyone has...
  11. Derek Beaumont

    Green Mound Juniper

    I received my first bonsai as a present. I believe is is actually in decent shape and not what I think is referred to as a mallsai from what I've seen. I am from South Dakota and trying to find a place to keep it for the winter as it is frequently below zero outside which I've read is too cold...
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