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    Premna supplier

    Hi! 👋 I'm new on the platform. I've been looking for premna microphylla raw tree on the internet but i can't find any. Do you know any online supplier (/would you sell me some?)
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    What are these gnats nesting in my BRT?

    I recently got a Brazilian rain tree this summer and have had it outside up until now. Both outside in the summer and now inside I have seen these small insects on the tree. They mostly seem to be near or on new growth. I'm guessing they're feasting on the sap the tree produces. As far as I can...
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    Nursery Underdog to Bonsai?

    Hey all, I have a presumed Deshojo (might be Shin Deshojo but I am no expert) Japanese Maple that I rescued from the sad corner of a local nursery about 2 years ago. I honestly didn't expect it to survive this long but now I'm attached and wondering what the process would be to take it from a...
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    First bonzai

    I just bought my first bonsai. This is a maple tree bonsai. I watched youtube videos and some suggested that I should transfer it to a bigger pot, but I am not sure if I should.
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