flame tree

  1. M

    Flame tree seedling brown at base of trunk

    Hello everyone, I am new to bonsai. I have noticed that on 2 of my flame tree seedlings the base by the dirt is brown. Am I over watering? I am using my tap water, could that be the issue? Distilled water better? Can I correct this before it kills my seedlings? Thanks for your help! Dawn
  2. D

    9 Month Old Flame Tree - Winter Care

    Hello, Last Christmas I received one of the standard Bonsai starter kits including a Delonix Regia (Flame Tree). Obviously this is not ideal for a total newbie in Pittsburgh, but I was thrilled to finally get one of the seeds to germinate last Spring and have been able to keep it alive...
  3. A

    Complete newbie! I feel lost with my flame bonsai

    I’m so new to this. I’ve been growing my flame since a seed for a few months. And I’m pretty sure I’m not doing something right. I’ve had trouble trying to find and information on pruning and what I’m actually supposed to do :( please help!
  4. Z

    Leaves yellow and dropping by off

    Hi , it’s been about two-three months now, since my flame tree has been growing and I’m not sure if my plant is dying or just dropping leaves as the season changes? I do live in Canada, Toronto specifically, any advice on what I should be doing? I water about twice a week, enough to keep the...
  5. Trigobontree

    New Flame Tree. What do I do now?

    I just unboxed this guy today (hence the folded leaves in the photo, but he appears to be bouncing back nicely). As with all of my acquirements, he’s in “quarantine” right now, and then will be going in the greenhouse after a slip pot into boon mix once he recovers from shipping. I can’t find...
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