1. LeoMame

    Camellia's brown leaves - too soon to worry?

    Hello everyone, I'm enjoying my Camellia opening its first flowers, but noticed couples of leaves displaying some browning on the edges/tip. Now, as you can see the tree appears in very good health (as said, only couple of leaves shows it), so I'm not too concerned about it; nevertheless...
  2. RJG2

    Unknown Crab

    This one is getting promoted from my Threadless thread. Collected from the woods spring 2022. Collection post (chop, root cutback, etc): https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/rjgiis-threadless-projects.49075/post-949576 Update 1 (2022/07/12)...
  3. Backwardsvg

    Lilac Trunk Chop

    I am wondering if I can trunk chop a lilac that I collected last spring. It has grown wonderfully after I collected in. This was right after collection. The trunk looks small but it is about 1.5 inch thick at least and has amazing bark on it. I want to chop back to the red line or lower to force...
  4. RoadManDenDron

    The ugliest trunk i could find (prunus)

    I went out in search of ugly (another thread) I was disappointed in what I went out for which I think is what led me to this After what feels like a lifetime I finally found something that definitely fell out of the mould of the clones I keep rummaging through I expect its not the 'cup of tea'...
  5. mudvein

    Crabapple WIP

    Cut this air-layer from the mother tree 9/6/2019 I’ll keep adding progress shots here as the tree develops. Yesterday I was able to do my first carving on a tree. Over time, should weather/age well as a hollow.
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