flowering cherry

  1. Apex37

    Prunus Autumnalis in Zone 8a?

    I've always wanted a flowering cherry tree and found a really nice Prunus Autumnalis. Not sure if these would do well here in north Texas? They say up to zone 8, but with our heat, I wasn't sure. Anybody else have experience with them in similar climate or area?
  2. Danielm

    Courageous cut

    Hi all Just bought a nice little stock cherry tree and want to thicken the trunk this season to make a nice little Bonsai so wondered if I could get a few little pointers of where to make the cuts I think this will be the front and the left hand branch the main trunk leader ....
  3. Clicio

    How hard can I prune a Japanese Cherry in the fall?

    Should I prune it now (end of summer here) or should I wait for the winter?
  4. K

    Can i trunk chop a bare root flowering cherry? Has started to leaf out and has blossoms

    Local club was selling bareroot flowering cherry trees fairly cheap, 8 bucks for trees about 10 feet tall, 1"-2" diameter trunks. They are grafted onto bases with diameters of about 4". They have already leafed out, and have blossoms, and have no branches on the lower 2-3 feet of trunk. My...
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