flowering quince

  1. Wendy Likly Welch

    Flowering Quince tips and tricks

    I am expecting a thornless flowering quince in the mail and I want to use it for bonsai..Any help or suggestions would be great.
  2. L

    Yamadori quince initial styling

    I recently collected this large quince out of the landscape, root pruned hard, and tossed into an old plastic crate. No top work yet. I know I want as little symmetry in the silhouette as possible, but beyond that, I'd appreciate any input on design ideas. Thanks Bnut!
  3. A

    My current troublemakers

    Said lovingly of course. The Acer in the background (a Takinogawa that had a hard time this year and that I'm surprised made it because it arrived literally during our legendary ice storm, and has since put up with record breaking wind storms, hail, heat, and hardly any humidity when we're...
  4. SeanS

    Flowering quince clump progression

    Thread for the progress of my Japanese flowering quince clump. Started from nursery material in November 2020. I’m unsure of the flower colour, it was marked as “pink or white” at the nursery. Also unsure of the cultivar, also just marked as “chaenomeles” As purchased After the initial cut...
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