1. RJG2

    Shohin Barberry

    As purchased Feb. 2023: Repotted: Flowers, spring 2023: Current (just removed wires; rebuilding branches and growing out new leader section):
  2. Kodama

    Firefly Petunia

    Just got tipped on this for anyone interested. Glow in the dark petunia Glow in the dark bonsai anyone? Enjoy
  3. Maloghurst

    Hawthorn finally flowering!

    This is a nursery tree I’ve had for 3-4 years. Flaws, yes. Many years to go. But unexpectedly produced beautiful flowers this year. So exciting!
  4. Clorgan

    Fuchsia magellanica garden dig

    Posted this in fuchsia thread, so apologies if you're seeing twice! But aware that's a rather niche thread and may be missed (or just avoided 😂) Just dug up my ground fuchsia and potted. Hoping I've left enough roots?? Hoping I did, as this one could be rather nice! First photo is just dug...
  5. Backwardsvg

    Lilac Trunk Chop

    I am wondering if I can trunk chop a lilac that I collected last spring. It has grown wonderfully after I collected in. This was right after collection. The trunk looks small but it is about 1.5 inch thick at least and has amazing bark on it. I want to chop back to the red line or lower to force...
  6. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Pyracantha and General Pruning and Removing Flowers/Berries For Growing-on

    I recently bought this young nursery pyracantha 'teton' as I thought it had an interesting trunk line, nice tight foliage/nodes and good sacrificial branches. I plan to hard prune in spring/summer, to reduce the potential inverse taper points, then allow to grow on for a few years either in a...
  7. M

    Dug Up Wisteria

    Hi everyone. I just dug up this wisteria that my neighbor didn’t want. It’s very fat for a vine, but quite ugly. It’s about 8 inches wide at the base. Any styling suggestions? Should I just throw it out?
  8. iHasaki

    A little bit of the tropics in the low lands

    Good evening/morning depending what place in the world you are :) I collected this new specimen called Calliandra Surinamis. I really like the mimosa puddica that I grow and it seems this species also have the mechanic stimulation to the leaves. Also the flowers are quite nice (eventually..)...
  9. Munir Atalla

    Gardenia rapidly dying please assist

    I received this plant a few weeks ago. I've been watering it every 2-3 days as recommended. It sits on my desk in a room with big windows-- but no direct sunlight. It's losing its leaves quickly--they're yellowing and growing spots. I have no idea why, but one theory is that even at night here...
  10. AppleBonsai

    Nejikan Pomegranate For Sale

    **Pom #5- $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually $13.45 for the medium box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can. -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal and you...
  11. ColinFraser

    Purple Bougainvillea Progression

    Starting a thread for this bougie I picked up at a landscape nursery back in 2014. A little trunk movement, a bit of flare at the base, and wholesale pricing - I'm in!
  12. JoeR

    Dwarf Barbados Cherry

    So at the Winter Bonsai Silhouette show I bought a dwarf barbados cherry prebonsai from a vendor for what I think is a good price. I have been thinking about purchasing one from wigerts for some time. Anyway, I bought it saturday and I noticed today that the leaves drop very easily when...
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