1. M

    Dug Up Wisteria

    Hi everyone. I just dug up this wisteria that my neighbor didn’t want. It’s very fat for a vine, but quite ugly. It’s about 8 inches wide at the base. Any styling suggestions? Should I just throw it out?
  2. iHasaki

    A little bit of the tropics in the low lands

    Good evening/morning depending what place in the world you are :) I collected this new specimen called Calliandra Surinamis. I really like the mimosa puddica that I grow and it seems this species also have the mechanic stimulation to the leaves. Also the flowers are quite nice (eventually..)...
  3. Munir Atalla

    Gardenia rapidly dying please assist

    I received this plant a few weeks ago. I've been watering it every 2-3 days as recommended. It sits on my desk in a room with big windows-- but no direct sunlight. It's losing its leaves quickly--they're yellowing and growing spots. I have no idea why, but one theory is that even at night here...
  4. AppleBonsai

    Nejikan Pomegranate For Sale

    **Pom #5- $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually $13.45 for the medium box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can. -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal and you...
  5. ColinFraser

    Purple Bougainvillea Progression

    Starting a thread for this bougie I picked up at a landscape nursery back in 2014. A little trunk movement, a bit of flare at the base, and wholesale pricing - I'm in!
  6. JoeR

    Dwarf Barbados Cherry

    So at the Winter Bonsai Silhouette show I bought a dwarf barbados cherry prebonsai from a vendor for what I think is a good price. I have been thinking about purchasing one from wigerts for some time. Anyway, I bought it saturday and I noticed today that the leaves drop very easily when...
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