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  1. Y

    So cal Bonsai people

    Looking to meet some people around here into the hobby! Definitely looking for someone to maybe buy some extra material off of if anyone has extra! Doesn’t even have to be good quality I just need more plants to work with! Also looking for clubs
  2. kmaho

    Stuff for sale in Minnesota

    Getting out of the hobby. Looking to sell off some supplies, preferably as a lot. Best reasonable offer. Looking for local pickup only at this time (Prior Lake, MN). Several 100g packs of new aluminum wire in various guages, a few partially used rolls (I'd guess the used ones still have...
  3. kmaho

    Pre-bonsai for sale in Minneapolis, MN metro -pick up only

    My wife and I are looking to downsize and move to a townhome soon, possibly even move across country. As such, some Dof the pre-bonsai I've been collecting need a new home. Please message me if interested in anything. Not looking to mail anything, so you'll need to pick up in the twin cities...
  4. Timarsen

    Beautiful Amur Maple in a Tom Benda Pot

    Unfortunately, for financial reasons I have to part with the crown jewel of my collection. This is an Amur Maple I purchased from Ryan Neil, it was repotted last year and is growing vigorously in this Tom Benda pot (same style, but larger, than this one). With a few years of refinement this is...
  5. MattE

    Where to buy/order in Canada

    Hey Fellow peeps! Its been a while since i have been on here, i have looked every where and other than 2 sites i found, where can i buy bonsais online that ship to or are form canada , i live in alberta and i just cant seem to find that many. looking for a chinese elm or shimpaku ect
  6. mwar15

    Japanese Red pine seedlings For Sale/Trade

    I have 6 Japanese red pine seedlings. These are one that were left in the shade, wire left on too long and a couple I experimented with cutting the buds. They are in 3-4" pots. If you want more pictures let me know. They will be going on the FB auction Sunday (10/29). I don't know what...
  7. Grant Hamby

    Streamlining My Collection

    I'm going to try and sell a few of my projects to make some bench space so I can narrow my focus on more developed trees. Don't expect any show-stoppers, but I'll try to make the prices enticing enough. I may even sell some of my nicer pots. If I don't have any takers on here, I might try the...
  8. parhamr

    Trays of 16+ established rooted cuttings (Western N America natives)

    I am offering trays of 16+ strongly rooted cuttings from trees native to Western North America. At first I will have Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii). In the future I may have Port Orford cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana), Western...
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