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  1. A

    Spruce Forest Advice

    I have a collection of small spruce trees I collect as saplings from Talkeetna, AK a couple years ago. I would love to turn some/all of these into a forest. I’m not entirely sure what size pot/ type of pot I should get for them. Any advice from anyone out there who has done this before would be...
  2. Kanorin

    Dawn Redwood grove

    Picked up this Dawn Redwood forest and pot at our club auction last fall. The pot is really huge (about 25-26 inches across) and unique and that's mainly what I was bidding on - it was made by an older member of the club who can't really do pottery anymore and I want to own a few pieces of his...
  3. palafr01

    Seed Division: Palafr01's Ginkgo forest

    After the set backs with my dawn redwoods, I decided to enter some of the ginkgo biloba seedlings I grew this past year for the contest instead. As per the rules I give a summary of the 2022 growing season.
  4. Kanorin

    Abandoned Midwestern Farm Scene (Saikei)

    I'm starting up a thread to document the conception and (hopefully) progress of an abandoned midwestern farm scene. The idea came from a drive across I-70 through Missouri and Kansas after having just viewed @HorseloverFat 's Stoneware creation thread. So I messaged him if he could make me a...
  5. K

    Trays as forest/penjing/rock planting pots?

    Hey guys:), I was wondering if (humidity) trays could be used as forest planting pots, as they are much cheaper. Many forest planting pots are extremely shallow and the only differences I see are the holes in the bottom and the feet allowing for better drainage. By drilling holes into the trays...
  6. Apex37

    Wanting to Start a Bald Cypress Forest

    Thinking about doing a BC forest in the form of almost a bayou sort of setting. I'm thinking a really interesting brown pot or slab. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out an online outlet that sells nice groupings (preferably different size trees) of bald cypresses or shops people have bought bald...
  7. Kanorin

    Sapling Division: Kanorin's Pinus echinata (shortleaf pine) forests (x2)

    For the first forest, I took epoxy and glued these two flat rocks together. Epoxy was also used to anchor the tie-down wires. Then I made a muck wall. The idea is to elevate the left side slightly so it looks like a cliff overlook. For the second forest, I used this cool geode-type rock that...
  8. MrWunderful

    Sapling Division: MrWunderful’s Zelkova Forest

    I started these around 17’ from seed, in the ground. This group was the left over garbage that didnt make the ground growing cut after another year. Since I didnt care that much, I figured I would be aggressive on the roots and try something I read about but didnt see often- using hardware...
  9. Kanorin

    Sapling Division: Kanorin’s Wild Plum Forest

    My order from the Missouri dept of conservation came in, which means its Forest season! What I got here was a mixed bag of wild plum bare root seedlings including American plum, sandhill plum, Osage plum, river plum, goose plum, hog plum, wild yellow plum, august plum, red plum, sand cherry...
  10. Gottibonsai

    Fagus forest design sketch

    Hi guys, today I want to share you my beech bonsai forest project. Now it is not a forest at all, just some fagus tree that I let in that pot to grow during the last year. From the forest I copied on my drawing a medium size tree on the left and two of the tree major trees from the actual...
  11. Kanorin

    The forests have something to say

    I feel like there is a lot to explore on the artistic side of mixed-composition forests. For example, I'm going to try something like this next spring: Perhaps my vision is naive and despite the intention, it will never look good. But you never know until you try it! On the left would be a...
  12. K

    Dwarf cultivars vs uncultivated species

    Hi fellow enthusiasts a topic that I find very little information on online but keeps bugging me is: are dwarf cultivars more suited for bonsai or not? Now, the general consensus seems to be that dwarf cultivars take much longer to develop but have naturally smaller foliage making them well...
  13. Captain.Bonsai

    Forest Pot Dimension Guidelines?

    What curriculum do you use to choose a forest pot? Specifically, is there a standard ratio for pot-dimensions to tree-size (height and caliper)? Other variables I’ve been considering are: number of trees, variety of tree size, preference for negative space, height of tallest vs shortest tree...
  14. Catclow

    Potting up

    Hello, I live in North Alabama and have only been immersing myself in bonsai for about 3 years or so. In the very beginning, I somewhat foolishly purchased a Trident Maple forest from an online mass-producer of bonsai trees. It remains very vigorous after the few years I've had it. It is the...
  15. CovertNeo

    Advice for Forest Group

    I live in Southwest Virginia and I'm interested in making my first bonsai forest group planting in the next couple of years. I have a set of tall (not bushy) wild cherry trees out my back window that I could envision doing well. The bonus of the wild cherry would be the spring flowering, but...
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