1. jriddell88

    Juniperus rigida Forrest Poll

    I received this beast 2 years ago and just let it grow and grow , I now have enough to start wiring some the secondary and propiatary branches down. Most of the main branches are growing slightly upwards unfortunately and just lacks in my eyes , I like the trees but it's boring ! Anyways These...
  2. A Random User

    Cool new tree!

    Just picked up a rather sweet piece of material this past weekend... that is full of Flowers! A very, very old Singapore Holly (Malpighia coccigera). Plans? Not actually much... just clean up some of the problem areas. Will be treating this more like a Flowering Quince. Going with a...
  3. barrosinc

    future picea forrest

    So I bought 5 piceas I want to make a forest on a slab some day. Probably 3 years from now as the trees aren't the healthiest. 1 and 5 being like half the size of 4 and 5, and 2 being in between 1. This is kinda the order I am thinking by now... but can change in time. Plan: fall year 1...
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