1. G

    Out of town, potential frost help!

    Recently purchased little (2 foot) Dawn Redwood in zone 6a. Still in nursey pot. I left town for a few days and had watering set up, but the forecast changed and now the next few nights are supposed to get down to 28-30 degree F. There are a lot of buds on the tree currently. If I was home, I...
  2. Julio-Rufo

    Late frost - Sprouting trees

    Dear forum, My name is Julio, and I would like to say hello to everyone. Let’s have a brief introduction first. For the past years I have developed my bonsai hobby in Spain. Something like 3 years ago I moved to Basel, Switzerland. Last autumn I decided to recap with the hobby here again, so I...
  3. Rivian

    Cold hardy crepe myrtle?

    I read there are crepe myrtle / Lagerstroemia indica that were bred for Zone 5. I would like to add a few to my growing field, they have such pretty bark. Please tell me anything you know about this, especially if you have first hand experience
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