1. proninyaroslav

    Pyracantha (Firethorn) foliage were damaged by frost. Is it critical?

    Despite the fact that it's under the protection of the wind and the temperature does not fall below -1C (30F), I still got frost damage on the leaves. Maybe this happened due to the rootbal freezing (?). This is his second winter. It grew until late autumn, but even the ripened leaves were...
  2. Clicio

    For you, unbelievers...

    First frost of the year. Yeap, today.
  3. Rivian

    How long can soil of plants in leaf be frozen without damage

    Its been 3 days or so, and im starting to wonder about my satsuki and florist azaleas, chinese elms, chinese quince.
  4. Rivian

    Frost vs my plants

    My Pseudocydonia is ignoring Winter, no coloration but I dont think the green leaves even take frost damage unless its quite harsh. I guess I messed up its growing cycle by having it in limbo for much of 2021s growing season Chinese Elms were replanted in late Summer/ early Autumn, then some...
  5. G

    Out of town, potential frost help!

    Recently purchased little (2 foot) Dawn Redwood in zone 6a. Still in nursey pot. I left town for a few days and had watering set up, but the forecast changed and now the next few nights are supposed to get down to 28-30 degree F. There are a lot of buds on the tree currently. If I was home, I...
  6. Julio-Rufo

    Late frost - Sprouting trees

    Dear forum, My name is Julio, and I would like to say hello to everyone. Let’s have a brief introduction first. For the past years I have developed my bonsai hobby in Spain. Something like 3 years ago I moved to Basel, Switzerland. Last autumn I decided to recap with the hobby here again, so I...
  7. Rivian

    Cold hardy crepe myrtle?

    I read there are crepe myrtle / Lagerstroemia indica that were bred for Zone 5. I would like to add a few to my growing field, they have such pretty bark. Please tell me anything you know about this, especially if you have first hand experience
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