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  1. th3ronin

    Punica granatum nana (Pomegranate) repot time

    I have this punica granatum nana, I wanted to repot, from what I noticed researching the best time is the end of winter, early spring, when the tree is sprouting. However, it's still two months before winter's over but it looks like it's already sprouting. When should I perform the repot, now or...
  2. Apex37

    Nursery Stock Pomegranate #1

    Purchased this guy from a local nursery a bit after repotting season this year, plan to put him in a much shallower container next year. A lot of the reasoning behind the pruning was to go ahead and start an initial structure. I also needed to reduce the amount of room this guy was going to take...
  3. Apex37

    Pomegranate Hard Pruning

    I got this dwarf pomegranate about a month back and it was a bit past repotting time here. We’re getting into summer here in Texas and now looking into hard pruning this guy cause he’s a mess. Can I safely hard prune this guy now? I’m thinking about cutting back to either the red or blue line...
  4. ShadyStump

    Feed Me Bonsai

    So, 2020 has been an interesting year, and I have no reason to suspect 2021 will be much better. In the interest of not being caught off guard my wife and I are planning a HUGE garden for the spring, including planting some fruit trees. This will undoubtedly take up almost all of my time, and be...
  5. A

    Avacado tree help

    I have recently started growing a couple avacado trees and I was wondering if anyone has tried to bonsai them before and if so can you give out any advice? Thanks for any help. If needed I can post a picture of the first one even tho it's still tiny
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