1. K

    Advice needed on next steps of this crabapple and how to nurse it back to health

    Hi all. Back in April, I bought a Nagasaki Crabapple from someone from my local club. It was very healthy then, with flowers just finishing up. However, in early-mid June, I noticed that the leaves were browning and curling up. I was quite confused as I'd never encountered this before, but then...
  2. Kanorin

    Genus study - Amelanchier aka "Serviceberries"

    Are you looking for a bonsai that has... The ability to tolerate cold (Most can handle zone 4 in the ground...some species can even go colder) Flowers Fruit Nice fall color The ability to tolerate full sun or partial sun Bark that roughens up with age ...then you should try out a serviceberry...
  3. Shogun610

    Shogun’s Crab Apple Bonanza

    Alright so starting a progression regarding some crab apple’s in development as Bonsai. Going to start tonight’s post with a Malus Profusion crab apple purchased from Evergreen Garden Works back in March. Here it is in the original nursery pot.
  4. Clicio

    Three tips on Jaboticabas

    A native of the wetlands of southern Brazil, Jaboticabas are one of the most sought after fruiting trees for bonsai in tropical countries. So if you like them, here it goes: 1-) They love wet feet, as much as Wisteria, and their roots can never dry out or they die. A wet tray under the pot...
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