fukein tea

  1. B

    Why the discoloration?

  2. cherrytrix

    My darling Fukien Tea is looking sad, please help me navigate this!

    As stated, I have a young Fukien Tea i keep by a small humidifier in my sunny room of the house. Live in TX so the A/c is almost always on. Lately the leaves have been dropping and turning brown on my darling tree. What is going on?
  3. C

    Help! Fukein Tea Tree wilting

    I've had the tree for about two weeks now, and I have been misting the entire tree every other day. I assume I was under watering it, given the amount of sun it gets, which I would consider full sun. Also, when the tree arrived, the leaves were covered in white spots. How do I get the leaves to...
  4. KoyoteGnomely

    HELP!!! Fukein Tea tree took a turn this week for the worse.

    So back in August I got my first bonsai, the Fukein tea tree (ehretia mircophylla).Anyhow after reading hours of content and watching 3 start up videos in a row, I was ready for the transplant. My pot has to weep holes in the bottom about the size of a nickel, so I covered them with plastic...
  5. B

    Why are my Fukien tea flowers turning brown so quickly?

    I have a Fukien tea that has started to bloom. The flowers turn out almost a pure white color, but some of them are turning to a light brow
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