fukien tea tree

  1. A

    Help me save Fukien Tea Bonsai

    Hello! My friend gave me this beautiful Fukien Tea Tree bonsai. This is my first ever plant. It was healthy a few days ago - the leaves were complete and a beautiful shade of green. My bonsai mentor said to put it in the sun a few hours a day but I think I burnt it. I found black spots on...
  2. B

    Fukien Tea Tree Help!

    Hello Everyone, My girlfriend and I recently repotted her Fukien Tea Tree from regular garden soil. It's roughly 5+ years old and she's never had problems with it until we repotted it. We repotted it into a bigger pot and we used a potting soil mixed with a blend of "horticultural grade...
  3. JuniperSol

    Fukien Tea, emergency repot - Advice needed!

    So I might get a bit of backlash for this one, but I fully accept that. My mom rescued a Fukien tea from a clearance rack and it seemed fine for about two weeks. Then we found out it had fungus nats that wouldn’t go away. I just now did a repot with inorganic bonsai soil (Boon mix) and a tiny...
  4. S

    Fukien tea help - foliage

    Hello all I am new to bonsai and recently bought an 8 year old Fukien tea. I do have other trees but just am really attracted to the Fukien tea. I live in the U.K. and have this tree indoors, keeping indoor temps around 21/22 degrees and at least 50% humidity in the room - I do also list the...
  5. J

    EMERGENCY! My sick Fukien Tea tree has brown fuzz.. and little bugs.. Please help before it dies!

    Hello friends, I come to you in my time of need for my poor sick tree. I need some help and remedy solutions to remove this brown fuzz and these little brown/black bugs in the soil. The brown fuzz in the pictures is growing at the stems of the leaves on quite a lot of the branches. From what...
  6. C

    Help! Fukein Tea Tree wilting

    I've had the tree for about two weeks now, and I have been misting the entire tree every other day. I assume I was under watering it, given the amount of sun it gets, which I would consider full sun. Also, when the tree arrived, the leaves were covered in white spots. How do I get the leaves to...
  7. NewtotheArt

    I might of killed my Fukien Tea

    I’m new to this forum and also the art of bonsai. I bought a Fukien Tea from Costco a couple weeks ago. After a week I began seeing ants everywhere on the plant. All throughout the soil and crawling up and down every square inch of the tree. I read a few different places that a little dish soap...
  8. B

    Fukien Tea Tree trim help?

    I just got this (new to me) Fukien tea tree. It has a lot of dead growth twigs and looks pretty messy. Should I trim all of those bits off? (Photo included is focused mostly on the dead bits. There is more growth out of the picture)
  9. J

    help with fukien tea bonsai

    so I'm fairly new to bonsai and I only have two trees, so my first bonsai was from a grocery store and it was pretty healthy it's a fukien tea, and it's been doing pretty well, but recently it started dropping leaves, and has been growing slower, I'm guessing it's from over watering but I'm not...
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