1. Fukien Tea bonsai tree

    Fukien Tea bonsai tree

  2. S

    Should I repot?

    6 days ago I was at Lowe's to get some potting soil and couldn't resist the price of their "bonsai" trees. I got a fukien tea. I know everyone hates them but I couldn't resist for only $20 and I previously had one for 1 year that did well until I moved. I live sort of close to Houston, TX, zone...
  3. M

    My Fukien Tea Tree has been invaded!

    Help! I don't know if I'm doing this correctly, but my Fukien Tea Tree has been overcome (I'm really hoping not fatally) with what looks like black soot. All the leaves became covered in short order, and I used water, then insecticidal soap. I tried to get it all off. And then I tried neem oil...
  4. P

    Carmona advice needed

    Hey everyone, any advice to help keep my bonsai alive and healthy would be appreciated! This is my first bonsai, I live in the UK, coming into winter. I was told that this tree is roughly 15 years old. That radiator is never on. I am considering an indoor light but I don't have a clue how...
  5. S

    Fukien tea help - foliage

    Hello all I am new to bonsai and recently bought an 8 year old Fukien tea. I do have other trees but just am really attracted to the Fukien tea. I live in the U.K. and have this tree indoors, keeping indoor temps around 21/22 degrees and at least 50% humidity in the room - I do also list the...
  6. NewtotheArt

    I might of killed my Fukien Tea

    I’m new to this forum and also the art of bonsai. I bought a Fukien Tea from Costco a couple weeks ago. After a week I began seeing ants everywhere on the plant. All throughout the soil and crawling up and down every square inch of the tree. I read a few different places that a little dish soap...
  7. K

    Fukien Tea/Carmona Dropping green leaves

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble with my Carmona bonsai, starting 1 or 2 month ago it has been dropping leaves constantly, at start new leaves wore growing back as fast as they dropped, but now it started losing them faster and faster. I am always keeping the air humid and i'm always spraying...
  8. bobsai

    Seedlings in my 14yo bonsai's pot - repotting advice?

    I have these two growths that have been growing about a month, and a month and a half. I want to definitely repot the corner growth, as it seems like it will be easy to extract the roots in tact from the corner. The taller (but bent, I poked too hard!) growth is right next to the trunk of the...
  9. bobsai

    NV 9A Indoor Fukien leaves nearly gone

    I purchased my first bonsai January 13th and it looked amazing [pic 1], lots of very green leaves with the cat's tongue texture [pic 2]. I am using Green Green fertilizer biweekly in a pretty loose soil [pic 3]. I water when the top soil is dry, every 1-2 days, I have an artificial light set up...
  10. cockroach

    Shohin Fukien Tea

    I decided to repot my shohin Fukien Tea as it was no longer showing signs of thriving in its pot. Once, I removed the tree from the pot it was neither root bound or suffering from any root afflictions so I put it down to a poor soil mix it had been in for can't remember how long. After A...
  11. S

    Fukien tea tree - leaves turning brown / white substance on leaves

    Hi, Any suggestions on the below would be much appreciated. My wife and I received an 8 year old fukien tea tree as a wedding present in September last year. For the first few months it was doing ok, but in January we noticed small white things which, after some investigation, we found to be...
  12. Bonsai Lemonade

    Questions about Fukien Tea

    Hi. I'm new to Bonsai, and I just got a Fukien Tea Bonsai 2 weeks ago. When I received it some of the leaves were a lighter (unhealthy-looking) greenish/yellow. I cut all the bad ones off (ended up being about 5 or 6) and now a bunch of new leaves are growing! I water it when the soil gets...
  13. Fukien Tea Tree 34 years old

    Fukien Tea Tree 34 years old

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