1. Radium

    My first carmona

    Received my first carmona from amazon any suggestions? Please don't mind the mess
  2. L

    Help needed: my Fukien Tea Bonsai

    Hi everyone, I am in need of some advice about my fukien tea bonsai. I acquired it early April and it wasn't in the best shape leaving the nursery, but once it dropped all of its leaves due to the new adjustment, I was able to get it to grow back beautifully. However at some point the leaves...
  3. P

    Insects flying around my Carmona / Fukien Tea and Loss of leaves

    Hey guys, I recently noticed that there are some insects flying and sitting on my Carmona. Is this a threat and should I do something about it or it's just a healthy natural thing? Check the attachment please Second thing is that in recent 40 days when it got colder, some of the leaves started...
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