full sun

  1. goth_gardener

    Cotoneaster bonsai help! Browning

    Hello! I have begun a cotoneaster bonsai and am struggling to figure what the plant needs. I thought I had been overwatering, cut back, then soil was regularly far too dry and figured the roots had to be developed first so didn’t let it go dry for too long.. then figured maybe not enough sun so...
  2. T

    Germinating Seedlings Fried in Full Sun?

    I've become quite adept at starting seeds during the wrong season, indoors under less-than-ideal conditions, shuffling them in and out all day to harden off :) Since I routinely read that certain species like pines NEED to start under full sun for the best development, have been excited to start...
  3. BeebsBonsai

    White Oak repotted- full sun or shade?

    Hey fellow nuts, A coworker brought in a white oak saplig for me today and i repotted it. Had to, i know i know its not good to do this time of year, but he dug it up out of his yard and the tree was in the slimiest, thickest clay ive ever seen. I had to dig around it within the pot to...
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