1. onlyrey

    3D printed Bonsai Fusion Support ?

    Anyone tried 3D printing bonsai supports ? My new hobby is 3D printing and I am trying to somehow find a way justifying the cost of the printer, so this is one of them. Printables came up with a contest for 3D printed plant supports and I thought this may be a good application for it. Here is...
  2. onlyrey

    Anybody have tried an Azalea Fusion ?

    Has anybody tried here to fuse azaleas ? Maybe two with different flower colors (instead of grafting), and also to get a larger trunk faster ? I found two instances in the internets: 1. Redit (2 years ago, unknown where it went). 2. Mangetsu azalea from bonsai fusion (4 years ago, not sure...
  3. Cory Johnson

    Ficus Retusa fusion?

    Hi all, new to the forums, joined because the posts I've read on here are much nicer than the people on reddit. So I know with the right knowhow and patience microcarpa and Benjamina ficus will fuse together Will Retusa do the same? if I want to cheat the system and get a few of the ones from...
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