1. D

    Gardenia sick symptoms

    Hi, I have purchased this gardenia last year from Brussel’s bonsai online shop. I’m seeing the plant is wilting and branches are turning brown. I’m not sure if it is seasonal behavior or some kind of treatment is needed. Could someone suggest? I live in zone 9.
  2. Shaolo

    Gardenias with spider mites

    Hello, I have a couple of gardenias that are very important to me. Unfortunately they have been attacked by spider mites (diagnosed by local nursery). I did one treatment of malathion but wasn’t terribly ecstatic with it and swapped to talstar p. I’ve also added EB Stone Rhody food. I have a...
  3. Munir Atalla

    Gardenia rapidly dying please assist

    I received this plant a few weeks ago. I've been watering it every 2-3 days as recommended. It sits on my desk in a room with big windows-- but no direct sunlight. It's losing its leaves quickly--they're yellowing and growing spots. I have no idea why, but one theory is that even at night here...
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