ginkgo biloba

  1. whofeelsitknowsit

    Ginkgo - where to chop?

    Hi everyone, I'm not super new to bonsai, but I took a break for the last 5 years or so while raising small kids, and I'm now getting back to it. While I'm not new, I recognize I still have a ton to learn. I left several trees neglected in large pots for the last few years, including this...
  2. S

    Ginkgo Biloba

    I live in Texas and I planted a Ginkgo Biloba tree about 13 years ago and it is struggling. The neighhood cats has used it as a scratching post and I do not know if the poor guy can be saved or not. I have read that the Ginkgo Biloba survived Hiroshima but can it survive cats? I would love some...
  3. Rambles

    Improving Mariken Ginkgo nebari

    As I am still getting to know my recent acquisition, I discovered that the trunk's "surface flare" is actually a knuckle that resulted from grafting and that the trunk narrows down again below the surface. There is about a 1.5" space from where the roots are to where I would like them. "No...
  4. J

    Ginkgo Biloba

    I am Crazy interested in Ginkgos and currently have 18 different varieties. There doesn't seem to be a section for them under the "TREE" section so I though I would try and start one here. Please help me figure this forum system out if I am doing this all wrong. Ginkgos Do not heal over scar...
  5. ColinFraser

    Fun Little Ginkgo Progression

    Just a little tree I've been screwing around with for a while - nothing amazing, but its been fun so far. Here are a couple of teasers while I find the 2014 photos . . .
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