1. Ferg91

    Albino Desert Rose HALP

    I planted some desert rose seeds for the first time and to keep it alive I read that you could try and graft other leaves on it. I have thus far been unsuccessful, can't figure out a good way to put other leaves from desert rose into the small cut I put on the albino guy. Anyone else have any...
  2. Bu-Jetjet

    Hollywood Juniper grafted with shimpaku

    The time has finally arrived! I finally received my sensei’s (Roy Nagatoshi) blessing to cut-off the approach graft we did from 2019. 🙌🏽 One of my 4 junipers.... and probably my only graft. Waiting on this thing to be successful gave me more anxiety than grad school 🤣
  3. bonsaianak

    Looking for Kishu Shimpaku for Grafting

    Hello! I recently purchased a Sabina Juniper that I intend on grafting kishu shimpaku on during this next growing season. Looking for 4-6 kishu donors that are healthy and ideal for approach grafts. Thanks!
  4. Aiki_Joker

    Beech (Sylvatica) & Hornbeam (Betulus) Thread Grafting

    Background A month or so ago I began exploring the potential for thread grafting these two 'similar' spp. Scroll down to see the graft and spare the interpretation/justification of this futility! :p:D:p I soon found out that these visually similar spp. are in fact completely different. Genus...
  5. J

    Layering above graft - Senkaki

    Hi there! I just bought this awesome Japanese maple senkaki (or so the tag reads). It has an awesome shape with good growth on the lower part of the tree. I want to layer the trunk above the graft to produce nebari. And at the same time, removing the not so good looking graft. I've looked at...
  6. moo

    graftless vs grafted

    hello experts & all, i'm very new to bonsai, and i'm currently reading and absorbing as much info as humanly possible. one of the big issues I have come across and trying to figure out, is why you wouldn't air-layer nursery stock to get rid of the graft at the base of the trunk. does it weaken...
  7. Grant Hamby

    Cut-Below-The-Graft Experiment

    I'm sure this has been done many times, but here's the idea: I got a couple weird Japanese maple varieties on clearance at a garden center. Both were grafted and both had long whips of the rootstock extending just below the graft. Last year I cut them below the graft so that the long whip...
  8. markyscott

    Grafting 101

    In another thread I was asked to talk about grafting techniques. I'll share what I know, but I don't claim to be a grafting expert. I've done it a fair amount and with increasing regularity as part of developing trees. In fact with trees like pines, you often have no other choice BUT to graft...
  9. Quince

    Garden center scots pine

    Been lurking here for a couple weeks, saw the fall 2016 challenge and decided that it was now or never. This is a "green penguin" scots pine that I picked up this morning. In the nursery, it seemed like there was potential, but now I have my doubts. I like the gentle curve of the longer trunk...
  10. AaronThomas

    Thread graft on Elm

    So here's a tree I posted a few months ago... It has very few branches majority of which are toward the middle of the tree. The top has this horrible chop with what looks like drill holes (Not my chop). I was thinking of attempting of doing a thread graft or two toward the top. I Thought it...
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