1. K

    Ground-layering to get rid of grafts

    Hey guys, I recently came across two articles, that, if I understand them correctly, state you can use ground-layering to remove grafts from 1. JWPs ( and 2. Prunus mume (
  2. mwar15

    JWP grafting

    This is my ongoing quest to graft jwp. I acquired some EWP rootstock from a local nursery that was being discarded as they grafts for the nursery trade didn’t take. I bought a Regenhold JWP. It obviously isn’t good for bonsai in it’s current form. I am barerooting the EWP bands down to the...
  3. R

    Grafting Desert Rose

    Hey Guys, i got pretty intrested in Desert Roses (Adenium) recently. I have read that Oleander and Adenium are somehow related and some people graft Oleander onto Adenium Rootstocks. Now i am very curious if that would work the other way around too but i could find nothing about that.. My Idea...
  4. R

    Grafting Oleander on Desert Rose?

    Hey Guys, i got pretty intrested in Desert Roses (Adenium) recently. I have read online that Oleander and Adenium are related and some people graft Desert Roses onto Oleander understocks. Now im curious if this would work the other way around too.. So that i could have a interesting looking...
  5. boguz

    Trident drill graft

    Hey... Here is my trident, i like its nebari. But it seems need more branches. I am planing to make a drill graft as in pictures. What do you think guys?
  6. YodaJordan

    Zuisho JWP Foliage (grafted/ungrafted)

    I have purchased some grafted Zuisho JWP as nursery stock, now I’m just going to increase size and ramification. Although there is 2 questions that stand out in my mind unanswered: 1) What is the difference in terms of foliage on a JWP Zuisho with grafted as opposed to ungrafted? (I’m guessing...
  7. electronfusion

    What can I do with this high graft pine?

    I bought this young pinus parviflora 'fukai' (dwarf variegated variety) from an online nursery and was surprised to see such a high, pronounced graft, and with the only foliage so high above the graft. I have airlayered many deciduous trees with success, but never grafted. I've read lots of...
  8. bonsaianak

    To Graft or Not to Graft?

    So I have a field grown sabina juniper that I have been working on. With grafting season approaching, I was hoping to get some advice on whether or not I should graft shimpaku onto it or just develop the foliage that is already on it. The problem with the sabina is that it has about 30% juveline...
  9. bonsaianak

    Looking for Kishu Shimpaku for Grafting

    Hello! I recently purchased a Sabina Juniper that I intend on grafting kishu shimpaku on during this next growing season. Looking for 4-6 kishu donors that are healthy and ideal for approach grafts. Thanks!
  10. mwar15

    First attempt at grafting JBP

    Just a little background. I’ve done lots of grafting for other varieties especially fruit trees. I read up on how to do Black Pine bonsai, and I’ve had it demonstrated to me. I think it might be a little late in the year for grafting but we will see. The first tree is a pine that is a project...
  11. S

    Grafting Juniper Help

    I just bought a rocky mountain juniper (yamadori) from a bonsai nursery. I was wondering can I graft a Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' onto the rocky mountain juniper or does it need to be a different conifer. I read online that they needs to be from the cupressaceae family. Which other junipers can...
  12. proninyaroslav

    Problems with nebari of Elm. What correction technique is better?

    Hi. I have two elms, their age is about 10 years, and both have a similar problem: the central root isn't in the center, but on the side. These elms grew between the stones. I made a sketch of how this root looks out. It will not be possible to completely remove it, because it's located on...
  13. S

    Liquidambar without branches

    I have a very old liquidambar that stopped producing low branches. How do I get more lower branches? Can it handle topping off? I can also air layer the top if the bottom will grow new branches.
  14. S

    Liquidambar no branches / top off

    I have a very old liquidambar that stopped producing low branches. How do I get more lower branches? Can it handle topping off? I can also air layer the top if the bottom will grow new branches.
  15. Aiki_Joker

    Beech (Sylvatica) & Hornbeam (Betulus) Thread Grafting

    Background A month or so ago I began exploring the potential for thread grafting these two 'similar' spp. Scroll down to see the graft and spare the interpretation/justification of this futility! :p:D:p I soon found out that these visually similar spp. are in fact completely different. Genus...
  16. markyscott

    Shohin black pine from seed

    Here’s a 10 year old seedling cutting I purchased from the grower about a year ago: It has a very nice twist near the base and I was motivated to build a shohin black pine from this tree. Issue is that the branches aren’t low enough to pull off a shohin. It’ll need a key branch at the...
  17. moo

    graftless vs grafted

    hello experts & all, i'm very new to bonsai, and i'm currently reading and absorbing as much info as humanly possible. one of the big issues I have come across and trying to figure out, is why you wouldn't air-layer nursery stock to get rid of the graft at the base of the trunk. does it weaken...
  18. J

    Crepe Myrtle Yamadori - branching/grafting advice

    Hey Y'all, This is my first bonsai project. I have a Crepe Myrtle that I collected from my Uncle's house when he sold it. The tree stood over 18 ft tall originally. I have continually cut back the trunk and roots over the past 4 years. I would now like to start training this tree and want...
  19. ColinFraser

    Shimpaku Grafting Workshop, Sat. Feb 4th

    There are a few spots left, so I thought I'd share this in case any SoCal nuts might be interested ;) Saturday, February 4th, 11:00am - 3:00pm at California Bonsai Studio, 4015 N Moorpark Rd. In Thousand Oaks, CA. Lunch included. Learn insert grafting of Junipers with hands on instruction...
  20. jriddell88

    Grafted Kishu shimpaku clump

    40 year old San Jose tree on the hill , Kishu grafting started 18 years ago
  21. ColinFraser


  22. markyscott

    Japanese Maple Clump from Bennie Badgett

    Bennie was a long time member and past president of the Austin Bonsai Society. He was a gracious man whom I only had the privilege of meeting a few times. On one of my visits, Bennie gave me this tree. Bennie was quite well known in the area for his maples and azaleas - he propagated them...
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