1. czaczaja

    Help With Stunted Pine Seedlings

    There seems to be something seriously wrong with my pine seedlings. They have germinated around march and have 'grown' well until around August. They have made no visible progress since, they are potted in a well draining soil and get plenty of light. I have watched some of @Eric Schrader vids...
  2. A

    Only gravel, no soil (?)

    Hi everyone, I'm a first-time bonsai owner - trying very hard to keep my first one! I received a Juniper (Juniper procumbens nana) a few days ago. To my surprise, and contrary to most of what I have read, it came potted with only gravel - no soil whatsoever. I contacted the shop who my friend...
  3. Juan Luis Larroucau

    Small comparative study about soils

    Hey there guys, I'm new around here so I'll introduce myself first. My name is Juan Luis Larroucau, 30 years old and I live in Santiago Chile in an apartment. I'm an electronics engineer by profession, I have worked till now as an entrepreneur in technological things (4 of them didnt succeed...
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