1. M

    Is my Juniper dead?

    Hello, I bought a Juniper a week ago but I didnt do a scratch test to check the cambium layer. Now, after a week I did a check and it's white inside on various places. At the trunk as wel as the branches. Is this normal during colder periods or is there no life in the tree anymore? Since the...
  2. BitsaBon

    "Going Green" Japanese maple progression

    Purchased this tree in a bit of haste when first getting into bonsai (outside of owning an indoor ficsus). I was attracted to it because of its apparent vigour/twin trunk, only to learn multiple reasons why this wasn't perhaps the best choice. These include vertical growth, node distance, leaf...
  3. sLeepLess

    Reaching Out for 2nd Opinions

    Hello Everyone, I am obviously new to Bonsai Nut. I most likely have used this site in the past when searching for information but i use any and all sources available to me so i never settled down. If i used your knowledge before, it was just one among many but; Thank you! I suppose i am...
  4. ConorDash

    New Acer Palmatum, beginner advice

    Hello, I just bought an Acer Palmatum, Green Maple a few days ago from Kaizen, Graham Potter. It's an amazing looking to my eye, and really great tree for its price, quite unbelievable. I simply wanted some advice from the Maple experts on directions to go with it? It was only in transport...
  5. Green Mound after repotting

    Green Mound after repotting

    Re-potted and some basis sure what to do with the top
  6. Green mound before repotting

    Green mound before repotting

    I purchased this 6 month ago just getting around to potting it...
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