1. greenfarmer

    New to bonsai- Grewia and Azalea

    Hello I’m new(ish) to bonsai. I had a cypress when I was a kid and It didn’t go too well. I’m older and much wiser now and have just been gifted an azalea and a grewia(lavender star flower). The azalea looks hella healthy but the grewia has some yellowing on the leaves and some dried out...
  2. S

    When is a sick tree “recovered” enough to trim?

    Hi, I’m about a year into my bonsai journey and am trying to figure out when is the right time to cut back my Lavendar Star tree. What I don’t know is if I should cut it back now because it is quite grown out and it’s not a deciduous tree (so I don’t think there is any issue trimming before...
  3. M

    Bonsai near balcony door... did i just kill my bonsai?

    Hello, I live in a small house and now have 5 indoor bonsai that I am really enjoying, one of which is a bilobed Grewia (Grewia Biloba) I got for Christmas. So I set up a stand by the southern window, beside the door to my porch where the rest bonsai tools and pots are. In the past week I...
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