ground layering

  1. Z

    Air/ground-layering a tall (but young) Juniper?

    I recently came across a good deal on a Juniper chinensis 'Torulosa' at a small local nursery. It's about 7' tall and 1.2" thick near the base. It's currently in a 5 gallon nursery container with nursery soil mix. Only 40USD. The movement is subtle toward the base so I think this might make a...
  2. H

    Colorado Spruce - “Fat Albert”

    I got a Colorado Spruce “Fat Albert” and had some questions. Was this grafted and if so to what? I want to start preparing it for bonsai and wanted to know if I should bury to the bulge and then eventually ground layer it? Can you with a Spruce? Still new …
  3. Rivian

    Groundlayer trapped

    I started various groundlayers on JMs but the original soil remains too wet and I think this already killed my corallinum. How do I remove water from the bottom of the pots? Slice open and let a towel draw it out? Tall, cheap plastic pots (buckets)
  4. Dystopik

    Ground layer on BC

    I started a ground layer on a BC a few weeks ago, and I see the callus forming nicely all around the trunk but no roots. The roots bellow are still growing vigorously, and so does the tree. Any advice?
  5. A

    Japanese Maple Ground Layering or Tourniquet Advice

    Hello all, I'd like some advice on this tree. As you can see, there are 2 pretty bad inverse taper spots on the lower trunk. I was thinking of ground layering or using the tourniquet method on it to fix this and get a nice nebari at the same time. So a few questions. Where would you do this, I...
  6. K

    JWP Grafts

    Hey guys, I just bought several young JWP from an online Bonsai nursery with the goal of growing them in the fields and potentially ground-layering them at the graft (previous post discussing Brent Walstons' method:
  7. B

    When to Ground Layer a Hinoki Cypress

    I bought a pre-bonsai hinoki cypress with a thick, almost bulb at the top of the nebari. I'm considering ground layering it above this ugly area and starting over. I'm wondering when is the best time of year to actually cut into the cambian and begin the process? If I do this to the tree, I'm...
  8. henrykiser

    Accidental Groundlayer Adventure

    We just closed on a great new place and I’ve been taking stock of the flora on the property. At first I was annoyed with the messy unkempt beds of azaleas that hadn’t been cleared of fallen leaves but realized many had thrown ground layers under the rotten leaves! Will try to leave some to...
  9. cbroad

    Post hydroponic ficus finagling

    I'm going to try to start posting more of my trees, for critiques, public pillory, or whatever:p. I have very few devoted threads for my stuff, other than crap that I posted when I first came here in 2014. I've been trying to push my stuff forward since joining here, so a lot of my stuff are...
  10. nmilewski

    Loropetalum - first literati

    Hey all! First off I'll just say I know it needs better soil, but Ive been wondering if I need to ground layer new roots a little higher. Just did my first major styling work of this Loropetalum. I got it as a gift from a landscaper friend about a year and a half ago and started working toward...
  11. JimmyBeefshank

    The obligitory newbie ERC post

    So I think I've got the lay of the land figured out here at Bonsai Nut Forums, lots of great people from all over sharing lots of great info about lots of great topics. Theoretical knowledge can only carry one so far though and on the path to exploring the art of bonsai there comes a time when...
  12. drew33998

    Dirty south red hawg

    Here is Judy's piglet less refined, dirty south cousin. 3 years in the making. Year one I chopped the tree down while it was still in the ground. Year two I chopped it again from the new leaders it had grown and did some basic trunk selections leaving about 5 or so. Year three I dug up all...
  13. RileyJFDB13

    Rosemary Repoting, Is it possible??

    From everything I have read everywhere the general consensus is that its darn near impossible to repot a rosemary or cut off thick roots without loosing the plant. This is extremely unfortunate as they have amazing trunks and live veins when very old. But in saying this there has to be a...
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