group planting

  1. L

    Lorax7 Amur Maple Forest #1

    I combined 5 Amur maples into a forest planting this spring (2024). The largest tree has a uro that goes all the way through the trunk. I’ve chosen not to have that face the front. The big tree was from Flower Market. The 2 mid-sized trees came from the local club’s silent auction. The smallest...
  2. D

    Schefflera Forest Progression

    This is a fun one. One of the first trees I ever started, all from a posting on Facebook marketplace for I think $15-$20. In the summer of 2021, I drove out to the middle of nowhere, where this woman was selling this schefflera which was haphazardly laying in a pile of other plants in the woods...
  3. HENDO

    Roots pushing out of slab edges - BC forest

    Hey All, For the past few weeks the edges of the muck/soil have been lifting up on my Bald Cypress planting, especially when it dries up a bit. I peeked underneath and there are roots growing out the sides, and of course the drainage holes as well. Is there anything that can be done to mitigate...
  4. HENDO

    Is this tree placement bad?

    Hi All, Yesterday I made my second bald cypress forest and had it all planned out nice, but after wiring I'm not 100% sure about the tree placement. The primary/secondary up front almost aligned, and then 3 smaller tress in the back which at an off-side angle are almost all aligned as well...
  5. Fishtank307

    I've always wanted a larch

    So today I bought nine... Group planting of Japanese larches! Plan is to plant them on a slab next spring. Little pinecones! This is going to look lovely in Fall!
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