grow lamp

  1. A

    Grow light, umol, heat and light pollution indoors

    Ok, so this will be my first winter with my bonsais. I live in Sweden 7a zone, it gets cold and dark here. I’ve been planning to build two shelves on a wall with two Mars hydro sp150 (20000lumen/each!) grow lights. The trees I have are; a carmona, zelkova, sageretia and portulacaria afra...
  2. S

    Looking for grow light stand

    I’ve been experimenting with various grow light set ups. But one issue I am having is it’s making my living room look like a laboratory and my fiancé does not love that. Has anyone figured out how to set up LED grow lights in a way that is clean / aesthetically pleasing? I have been googling for...
  3. Culper Woodhull

    Grow lamp for Fukien Tea/Carmona Bonsai?

    I purchased a 12 year old Fukien tea bonsai a few days ago. I was doing so well with my Jade "afra" that I thought I'd take on another bonsai. I did not do my research before going to a local bonsai distributor, just sort of made an impulsive decision to swing by and check out their stock. I...
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