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  1. Peter.Constantine325

    Ficus, Liquid Fertilizer, Grow Tent Environment

    I am going to use the Dyna-Gro Bonsai Pro fertilizer. It says on the back how much liquid to mix into a gallon of water. How often do I water with this mix? Once a week, right? Should I take the environment (grow tent) into account for how much to mix? What do you recommend? Also, it says it’s...
  2. Peter.Constantine325

    Grow Tent, Need Advice

    So I got my grow tent setup from Amazon today and set it up, except for the ducting and carbon filter. I was told I don’t really need the carbon filter, because that’s for smelly plants like marijuana. But I had the thought that perhaps it could help me avoid an infestation? Do bugs have a sense...
  3. Peter.Constantine325

    Grow Tent in Apartment

    Hello, everyone. Bonsai is honestly the only hobby, art and passion I have outside of debating religion and politics. I tried it once before, but ended up having to first sell the temperate pre-bonsai trees I bought from Brussel’s, and then throw away the tropical pre-bonsai trees I got from...
  4. hemmy

    Garage tropical tent ventilation question

    I’m looking for recommendations on venting and any other improvements for a large tropical tent in the attached unheated garage. With prolonged nighttime lows into the low 20sF, the garage has seen mid-40s. I still have a few gaps and attic access to close which may help for a Arctic blasts we...
  5. electraus

    How do you water bonsai in a grow tent?

    I’m thinking of setting up a grow tent in my garage for my tropicals because my balcony is getting rather crowded with temperate trees. My only question for those of you who have a grow tent setup— how do you water without water pooling at the bottom. I know that this is probably not a very...
  6. MHBonsai

    Grow Tent for Tropicals - setup guide

    Setting up a grow tent can be daunting to get started. I've been pretty successful with mine for the past several years, so I thought I'd put together a quick guide on what works for me. I grow orchids, tropicals, and several 'houseplants'/kusamono successfully. I assemble it typically in...
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