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  1. Apex37

    What Unexpected Plants/Species Have Done Well For You?

    I wanted to make a thread pointing out species you’ve been working with that may not necessarily be native to your region, but have been growing well for you. The idea is to open up discussion for members to share their insight with species they’ve been working with that aren’t normally grown in...
  2. ForeverRaynning

    Complete newbie - growing from seed (UK, zone 9a)

    Hello everyone! So I’m completely new to this. Never had any real interest in bonsai before but my grandad gave me a bonsai growing kit he’d recieved the other year (he’s 90 and has an absolutely amazing green thumb with veg and flowers, but said he won’t get much use out of the kit at his...
  3. S

    Advice for American Elm seedlings

    This past spring I had several American(?) Elm seedlings set up camp in an unused nursery pot that still had some soil in it. Of the dozen or so seeds to sprout, there are about 4 or 5 seedlings left. Of those, one has taken off and is 24+ inches tall. Something ate/ stripped the leaves off the...
  4. Carapace

    Should I do this when field growing?

    Hi, I wanna start field growing some trees and I've had this idea of planting the trees in a shallow plastic crate (like the one attached) with holes all over, so that it will be easier for me to dig them up and cut theirs roots every few years. I've been wondering if this is a good idea or not.
  5. Jupiter

    How exactly is a trunk like this formed?

    Hey guys, I have seen many very nice trees with trunks such as the one in the attached photo. What are the general methods for creating these? I am assuming this isn't the usual trunk chop or cut and grow method. Any insight is as always very much appreciated!
  6. Rivian

    Field growing practice

    Hello, I recently aquired some land and now Im planning field growing on it. I want to know from people who have field grown what were things you didnt expect to see, or what went wrong. Especially if your field is not next to your house or a residential area, how do you keep people out, and...
  7. B

    Cedrus Identification and Repotting Help

    Hi there, So I recently picked up this little cedar from a local flower seller who didn't seem to know much about bonsai cultivation. As a result, it's been potted in a dish with no drainage holes and to be honest I'm too scared to check out the root structure (hopefully it's not just a...
  8. Biophilumia

    Saving 3 Boxwoods (eventually, hopefully for bonsai?)

    Location: Central Pennsylvania I should start by saying I'm completely new to bonsai... so, there was a small boxwood shrub in my grandparents garden, and I've been REALLY wanting to get into bonsai for like, years now, and I overheard the gardener talking about how the other small boxwoods...
  9. K

    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    So I’m wanting to get something better than what I have right now, which is a one grow bulb that goes in a normal lamp and some cheap LED grow lights I got on amazon for 20 bucks. I saw this today at Walmart and they are 4’LED lights. Says it’s sunshune spectrum but I was wondering if this...
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