1. Eric H

    Big Trees Sugar Hackberry… from cuttings? Air layer?

    I have a cluster of Sugar Hackberry trees in my front yard that need to be cut down. They are each 3-6 inches thick at the trunk, they are 30 feet tall or so. Is there a good way / are these suitable for trying to root from big cuttings? I think the root ball (cluster) is way too big to use...
  2. 20200906_155353.jpg


  3. cornfed

    Hackberry: Cornfed Edition

    Celtis occidentalis, or the Hackberry, used to be the State Tree of Nebraska. I have no idea why it was changed. I am new to all of this, so don't take this thread as advice (unless it isn't coming from me). It was propagated from seed last year. I bought it in a one-gallon pot with 80% pine...
  4. RobT1977


    This Celtis Occidentalis( hackberry) i had in my back yard was near six feet last spring, i trunk chopped it about 18" ...fertilized it early spring this year, and i think im gonna have a pretty cool tree to work with. I dont know if its truly Yamadori since i found it in my yard, but its close...
  5. F

    Hackberry, Celtis africana, dug up and potted 2016

    I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of small Celtis in nursery bags and decided to make a few into bonsai. I cut the nursery bags and put them around the taproot with a pipe clamp to force roots to the sides. This was in 2008. I don't have pics of the individual trees, but did basically the...
  6. Big Country Bonsai

    Help me decide which trees I should collect!

    Looking forward to collecting a few trees this spring! As I am new to bonsai I figured I’d get some input on which ones are worth collecting and which ones are probably not worth the trouble. 1• Buckley oak (Quercus buckleyii) 2• Rusty blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum) 3• Gum bumelia (Sideroxylon...
  7. milehigh_7

    Little celtis sinensis

    I was cleaning these up tonight and I thought I would snap a quick pic. About a year ago I got some pretty good size Chinese Hackberry starters. I cut the entire tap root off in some cases this left very little rootage. Then I stuffed them tight against the bottom of a 3" pot where they have...
  8. defra

    Celtis sinensis

    Yesterday i picked up this celtic sinensis! i will get it trough winter and then next season we will see where the new branches emerge and think of a design for this trunk and start building a nice tree from this stump Its been chopped by the preveous owner carved and treated :) Tell me...
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