hardwood cuttings

  1. Baku1875

    Chunky Bougie cutting 1

    I'm lucky enough to have my neighbor's permission to pole saw large branches of overgrown bougainvillea that cross into my yard (it's jumbled up with 3 other trees and is an eyesore, he gave me the green light to prune the other trees back and let the bougainvillea grow, as well as pruning...
  2. A

    Black shoot tips on black bag pomegranate hardwood cutting. Fungus?

    I have this Pomegranate hardwood cutting that has been in a black bag for almost 2 months now. The tree is producing a lot of shoots, however most of them are turning their tips black after they start to elongate. At first I thought that it was because they were getting burned after having...
  3. Rivian

    Mould on hardwood cuttings

    I just took trident cuttings 2 or 3 days ago and theres already bits of visible grey mould on some of the buds, which also have started greening up. I have them in a see-through plastic container with a plexi glass sheet on it in the living room. Substrate is perlite with bits of vermiculite and...
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