hawaiian umbrella

  1. R

    Hawaiian Umbrella Tree possibly in shock.

    Hello, I received this Hawaiian Umbrella tree in the mail yesterday. I live in Minnesota, which was approximately 30°. I requested a signature on the package, so I would be able to bring it directly inside. The package was instead left in front of the house for approximately 4 hours. When I...
  2. aframe


    I started this tree from an air-layer that I separated from the mother in 2015. I planted it on the rock in 2016. In December 2018 I gave it to my brother in law for his birthday. In spring 2021 I stole it back to re-shape it. The pictures below are Dec. 9 2018
  3. J

    Seeking Help planning/shaping Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

    Hello all, I'm still very new to bonsai, and shaping a tree is something I just do not understand yet. I found some very helpful sources on this site for basic shaping (ie a triangle of foliage), but I guess I'm not very imaginative. I have this Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai that's more of a...
  4. J

    Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai with Black Spotted Trunk? (And bugs!)

    Hello again all. A week or so ago I decided to purchase a Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai via amazon, through Brussel's Bonsai. The reviews were mixed, and some had mentioned seeing bugs on their plants. (I only read them after I'd purchased, unfortunately) Mine was delivered today, and I decided to...
  5. Smilefreak24

    Looking for advice for my New Bonsai's

    Hey Bonsai Nut's! I just got into Bonsai's a few months ago when I purchased Hawaiian Umbrella and a small Bougie. Unfortunately, the bougie started to droop severely and drop leaves and after 2 weeks of attempted revival, I donated it back to the sanctuary (I didn't want to do it any more...
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