1. Storm87

    Any experience using 'sweating techniques' indoors for i.a. Hawthorns?

    Hi all, Yesterday I collected a Hawthorn (picture will follow). Anyone has experience with the so called 'sweating technique' (by Tony Tickle) used indoors? Why I ask? I like to try it, however there will be only rain en clouds the coming weeks and sun is required to my understanding to heat...
  2. akhater

    [2018- ] Hawthorn I

    Here is a hawthorn I bought in summer 2018 It is/was grafter so i made a cut slightly above the graft (for potential dieback?) and let it be for 2018 A few weeks ago, when the buds started swelling, I cleaned the root ball and repoted it Bare-roots Repoted I didn't remove any branches...
  3. Hawthorn


  4. O

    Hawthorn collection

    Hi all, Collected my first hawthorn ever today! I dug it out at a construction site near my house, I saw it when I went running for the first time in 3 years, might do that more often from now on :) I was thinking of putting it in a big pot at first, but the roots that I was able to get are...
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