help id cultivar

  1. dr.tenebris

    Azaleas acquired, tips tricks and general info about them appreciated!!

    I was out buying some groceries and my general store had some azaleas on sale... (The flowers caught my attention) I've been told that azaleas are very beginner friendly and given the sale... And the fact I needed a smaller pot for my poor poor Sequoia... I purchased one, I did quickly...
  2. S

    Newbie could use some help with new tree

    Hello, everyone. I just joined and and wanted to ask the community a few quick questions: I got this maple yesterday, it's planted in regular dirt (I think) with some kind of spongy black rocks (almost like perlite) with an orange coating, on top of the dirt. It is 7 years old, according to the...
  3. Rivian

    Super small leaves JM?

    Look at what I found in a planter. Those are centimeters, not inches. Anyone guess the cultivar name? Cause I have no idea. The plant was about 1.4 meters tall, with very low graft union if any. Trunk was maybe 7cm diameter, from memory.
  4. K

    Help me identify this JWPs' cultivar

    Hey everyone I just received a Pinus parviflora bonsai I bought from an online shop but am unsure about its' cultivar. It was listed as regular Pinus parviflora so I asked the seller specifically about its cultivar before buying because I already owned a JWP Glauca and wanted the original...
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