herb bonsai

  1. I

    Battle of herbaceous proportions: Rosemary VS Thyme

    I've been Team Rosemary all my life, but decided to try out thyme, i like the aesthetics, but i'm not a big fan of the smell, maybe because its new and foreign to my senses some of us like to eat our bonsai, some don't, so i wanna see your views from every possible aspect. i bought one of each...
  2. Dane Kofoed

    Rosemary pre-bonsai is dying

    This established nursery rosemary was obtained in the summer, kept indoors in well lit area until winter. Now we have less light coming in, furnace is drying the air out, and it's been lightly pruned a few times (for shape and to thin it out). It has gone from full and lush to browning needles...
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