hesperocyparis microcarpa

  1. florencechan.ca

    Lemon Cypress ( Hesperocyparis macrocarpa v. Wilma Goldcrest)

    The Lemon Cypress has been one of the few trees I've really just piled on since getting back in to the hobby around 2016. For a while, I was living in a condo, so keeping local species wasn't really in the cards. In the mean while, I decided I would make a go at styling one of these, and see...
  2. florencechan.ca

    Monterey Cypress Seedlings - process from seed

    Hi Folks! I am mostly a lurker here. I tend to research more than I post, but a recent prod via message here on the forums has encouraged me to document the growth of my monterey cypress seedlings, which I have kept notes on since emergence last year. I also figured I would discuss this from...
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