1. Zonked_zazzer

    Hibiscus shaping

    Its a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, and I am from India. The twin trunks are fine but then each divides into two more equally thick branches. I am playing with the idea of chopping off the ones maked. Any suggestions or corrections or advise in order to make this a good specimen are welcome.
  2. P

    New to bonsai. In need of input.

    So I technically cannot even be considered “new” to bonsai since I haven’t even started anything. That being said I’d like to get he ball rolling. I’m not an experienced Gardner by any stretch but I do garden quite a bit. I’ve got a few dozen cacti, a greenhouse, lots of house plants, a few...
  3. K

    Hibiscus shaping help

    Hi everyone! I got a Hibiscus cutting maybe 6 month ago. My grandmother has been caring for it, until now. It has grown really good, but it has gotton no training. It has just been growing freely in a very small pot. I am now looking to start training it into a beautiful bonsai. But i am...
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