1. Carapace

    Any tips on Hinoki Cypress nana ?

    Hi, I bought a very small hinoki cypress nana ( 10 cm ) and I would like to know if there are any tips on growing them as in any particular disease I should be wary off or how wet they like to stay? Thx.
  2. J

    extensive root system, Hinoki Cypress?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on this forum--nice to meet everyone:) I live in Eastern Massachusetts, USDA Zone 6. An arborist planted a Hinoki Cypress in 2019 in the front foundation of my house and it has grown very well. Because I'd like to plant some tulips, I dig out some soil and...
  3. Koenye

    Will this beauty survive !?

    Hi all, This weekend, again I had the chance to dig out this amazing tree. Unfortunately while lifting the tree out of the ground, a lot of The roots just fell off. I made it wet and placed it in a big training pot with akadama, some vulcastrat and moss. for now it just has to rest for at...
  4. Koenye

    Digging out an old Hinoki Cypres

    Just wanted to share this nice find. Hinoki’s a.k.a Chamaecyparis are my absolute favorite! Got the chance to dig out this old lady from someone’s garden. Had to cut a few taproots and it took about 1 hour in total. Hopefully it can recover! First styling will be autumn 2023.
  5. Koenye

    Impossible Hinoki Cypress? need Help/advice

    Hi Bonsai friends! 1 year ago I had the chance to dig out this Hinoki from someone’s garden. Because my car was too small (Nissan Almera from 1998😉), I already had to make a first selection of branches. When I came home I realized the roots where waaayyy to big to fit in the pot I got for it...
  6. Baker

    Hinoki Cypress styling advice

    Hello all! I’ve only posted here once (asking for hinoki advice) but I spend many hours here reading. Since my first post I have fallen ever deeper into my bonsai addiction. Let’s just say both my porches are full of trees. Anyway, I have got a few Hinoki Cypresses and one sawara cypress, so I...
  7. Baker

    Hinoki Cypress Nursery Stock questions

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to bonsai. I just joined this forum community. I have accumulated 4 trees that can be safely called developed bonsai, 3 potted into bonsai pots that are in training to become bonsai, 2 cuttings growing furiously, and a porch full of nursery stock. I guess you could...
  8. Clicio

    Repot window of my Hinoki Cypress - Expert suggestions needed.

    I got this Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana Gracilis, non-grafted, nice trunk, plenty of ramification, and very healthy. Before doing any cleaning, pruning, branch choice or styling, I have to take care of the soil. Absolutely horrible muck, takes ages to drain (in fact it doesn't drain at all even...
  9. Rip

    Large hinoki cypress trade/sell

    I am unable to really give this tree the attention it deserves. I have drifted towards other trees. Wanting to trade for pines or maples. Tree is in a 23” pot (i made it so it’s not too impressive). Nice nebari, approx 3 1/4 inches at base and approx 21” tall. There is some new growth on the...
  10. Dorian Fourie

    Making a new Rock Slab for my 5 Hinoki Cypress (Penjing)

    Hi All. In February 2019, I was invited to my bonsai club to do a demo and I had decided to make a rock slab for my Serissa. https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/making-a-rock-slab-for-my-serissa.37106/ Due to the overwhelming response to that demo, I was asked to do another one at our quarterly...
  11. jd_bonsai

    Chamaecyparis obtusa

    I need some strong advice on this hinoki cypress. I've had it two years. First year it was in a #7 nursery pot (super root bound) It's been in the current grow box for about 14 months. It's healthy, but very leggy and ugly.. Need to clean trunk of moss , but other than that" any style advice ...
  12. Hinoki Cypress

    Hinoki Cypress

    Hinoki, C Obtusa
  13. Nadkid

    Advice for pruning dwarf Hinoki Cypress

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, though I expect to be much more active with the amount of questions I'm sure to have. Anyway, this is my first Bonsai, purchased from a seller for a clean $15. He said it was a "California Golden Cypress", though I think that may just be a misnomer...
  14. Saddler

    Hinoki Cypress, is it a cascade style?

    I have had this tree a year and a half. I repotted it last spring and took it to my club last month to get tips on how to style it. Did I ever. This is how it turned out. before: Today Once the wire is off, I'll start work on refining the jins. Any suggestions for a pot? I...
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