1. Likebull1

    Having a hard time with Hinoki Cypress styling

    This is my first Hinoki Cypress and I'm aware of the fact they don't back bud on old wood. This is why I'm having a hard time deciding which lower branch to remove. I see benefits with each but I'd like to hear some second opinions. Clearly both can't stay... Thanks! Also my first post here...
  2. Koenye

    Digging out an old Hinoki Cypres

    Just wanted to share this nice find. Hinoki’s a.k.a Chamaecyparis are my absolute favorite! Got the chance to dig out this old lady from someone’s garden. Had to cut a few taproots and it took about 1 hour in total. Hopefully it can recover! First styling will be autumn 2023.
  3. K

    Dwarf cultivars vs uncultivated species

    Hi fellow enthusiasts a topic that I find very little information on online but keeps bugging me is: are dwarf cultivars more suited for bonsai or not? Now, the general consensus seems to be that dwarf cultivars take much longer to develop but have naturally smaller foliage making them well...
  4. O

    Dwarf Hinoki Cypress turning brown!! HELP!!!

    I received this bonsai as a gift a year ago now and things were going really well. Coming up to winter in Australia and I’ve only just realised (I should’ve noticed earlier I know) that one side is turning completely brown and dry! Is there anyway to save the plant? I love it a lot and feel...
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