1. I

    Where can I find famous bonsai tree pictures and their stories?

    I'm doing a school project and I plan to do mine on bonsai and it's history, so I'm trying to find pics of some famous trees, along with their stories and artists. I've been told to look at Kokofu-ten books, I however have none and kinda need digital pictures to be able to put in a presentation...
  2. apic92

    The Legacy and Culture of Bonsai Provenance: Exploring the Roots and Significance of Iconic Trees

    Hello fellow bonsai enthusiasts, (This thread is the second post after the enthusiastic "Buy a tree in Japan, leave it there" discussion, thank you all for participating in my study!) The provenance of a bonsai tree, its origin, lineage, and history, is a captivating subject that intertwines...
  3. Minnesota Madman

    Maintenance/History/Photo Journal App

    HI everybody. I was at a bonsai auction this fall and bumped into somebody I had recently purchased a tree from. I asked him how he wintered the tree and he whipped out his smartphone and had an extensive list of all his trees with critical data such as wintering needs, hardiness zones, history...
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