hollow trunk

  1. Hornbeam


    Carpinus with, carved hollow trunk
  2. ThornBc

    Hollow Cercidiphyllum stump

    This Cercidiphyllum japonicum stump spent several years in a corner of the back yard in the garden centre where I work, and for the last 3 I've been watching it rot, hoping it would gain character. The owner told me I can have it, and to show him what I can do with it, so I started some work on...
  3. Hollow beech

    Hollow beech

  4. Hornbeam


    Dead wood, Hollow creation
  5. Beech


  6. Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Nebari
  7. Hornbeam Hollow Trunk

    Hornbeam Hollow Trunk

  8. 20180313_204114.jpg


  9. ColinFraser

    $35 Trunk

    I picked up this japanese maple at a landscape nursery on my way home from work this evening . . . at a reduced price because it's damaged ;) So am I - we should get along fine.
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