1. Jaymatsby

    Creek Collected Honeysuckle

    Here is a gnarly Amur honeysuckle I collected from the creek near my house this spring. Massive and gnarly from frequent floods breaking branches. Bare rooted and planted it in a concrete mixing tub - it has been remarkably vigorous. Actually it was carried away in a flash flood after I potted...
  2. O

    New to the site + Question about collecting trees

    Hello! I have been stalking the BonsaiNut forums for quite some time now and it has now come the time to join the community. The resources available on the site are insane, especially since you can get info from all different perspectives, which really sold me. I'm very excited to continue...
  3. Sn0W

    Some kind of Honeysuckle

    I picked up this honeysuckle a couple of days ago from a guy I was buying something from. Saw it in his garden and asked about it and he said I could take it. Perfect! It's a bit leggy, but has a nice trunk that I think would make a nice bonsai. I'm going to repot it and cut it back once this...
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