1. A

    Large chunky european hornbeam stump styling

    Hi folks, I've managed to acquire this incredible european hornbeam stump. It has been initially styled by the previous owner but my concern is that it only has three, high-up, primary branches, two of which emanate from practically the same spot, with the first branch having been wired down in...
  2. Vinnie Charity

    Hornbeam #4 Fall Colors...

    Summer colors... Early Fall... Today... Really looking forward to getting the custom pot I'm having made for this tree. I decided to copy @Carol 83's Beech and get one in a flat light turquoise/celadon color...
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  5. S

    Korean Hornbeam Advice Needed

    Hi fellow bonsai nutters I've left this little korean hornbeam to grow wild over the last couple of years, but now I can't decide how to shape it as it's a bit of a mess! Any tips or advice on hornbeams would be greatly appreciated as it's the only one I've got so not 100% on its growing...
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